Bug fix, Bug Tracker


Release (version 0.64-5) of jGameBase has been released.

New features

  - C64lite is now based on Gamebase64 V14

Bugs Fixed

  - database export to MS Access (*.mdb) was broken

Bug fix, Bug Tracker


Release (version 0.64-4) of jGameBase has been released.

Bugs Fixed

  - compiled with target 1.6 so that JRE 1.6 can run the class files again

Bug Tracker

  - the bug tracker on the sourceforge project site has been reenabled

Bug fix


Release (version 0.64-3) of jGameBase has been released.

Bugs Fixed

  - fixed a problem with current rhino (java-javascript engine) releases

CLI improvement, Bug fixes


Release (version 0.64-1) of jGameBase has been released.

New Functionality

  - adding a database name and an item id to the command line will launch the specified item

        e.g. "jgamebase  c64lite  G726" will start "Benji - Space Rescue" and
jgamebase  c64lite  M20544" will play "Another One Bites the Dust"

    Thanks to Jim Torelli!

Bugs Fixed

  - games spanning multiple disks are extracted correctly

  - fixed a problem with scaled down animations

GUI improvements, URL handling, Bug fixes


Release (version 0.63-1) of jGameBase has been released.

New Functionality

  - overlays have versions

  - system views are now saved to the database

  - loading of images is stopped, if a new item is selected

  - scaling animations

  - icons with overlays for url extras

  - context menus for extra buttons

  - side pane slider positions remembered

  - selected item remembered

  - table columns remembered

  - category windows position remembered

  - screenshots: left click external, right click internal viewer

  - item id displayed in status line

  - marked extra displayed in status line

  - preference to limit the number of extra images shown

  - music details loaded from music file

  - extract additional media

  - download of url extras

  - rudimentary ADF plugin

  - memory usage optimized / use client JVM

  - reorganize database after import

  - remove duplicate urls

  - remove orphaned extras from database

Bugs Fixed

  - workaround for memory leak on OS X with java 1.6.0_29

  - views get sorted after adding new view

Pop up menu, mass import, Bug fixes


Release (version 0.50-3) of jGameBase has been released.

New Functionality

  - Handling of URLs

  - Simple GEMUS to JavaScript converter in the Toolbox

  - Popup menu

  - Simple mass import

  - Automatic creation of screenshots

  - "Manage" entry in "Play Game" and "Play Music" buttons

Bugs Fixed

  - Hang loading screenshots

  - Problems while choosing a music file

Documentation, Bug fixes


Release (version 0.50-2) of jGameBase has been released.

New Functionality

  - New documentation and homepage

Bugs Fixed

  - Accept "apple" as java vendor

  - Fixed a problem where the categories window got stuck

  - Fixed various display related bugs

Debian-Packages, JDK7, Bug fixes


A new release (version 0.50-1) of jGameBase has been released.

New Functionality

  - Release a debian package

  - Write messages to a log file

  - Made jGameBase jdk7 compatible

  - Splash screen and main window show version

  - Preliminary support for MS Windows

Bugs Fixed

  - Fixed a problem loading bmp images

  - Database icon and splash can be image type other than gif

  - Database icon and splash will be searched for if not found

Support for GB1.3 Databases, new GUI


A new release (version 0.50) of jGameBase has been released.


  - Scaling screenshots

  - Support for animations

  - Extras icon row

  - Included Java C64 emulator JSwingC64 and SID emulator JSidplay


  - New DB schema (compatible with gamebase 1.3)

  - Automatic upgrade of database format

  - Import is now done via jackcess (all java access import) instead of via the external mdb-tools

  - Access export

New Functionality

  - Overlays are zipped changes to GameBase databases that are automatically extracted (e.g. scripts etc.)

  - execution of games/music via javascript

Bugs Fixed

  - Fixed adult filter

Stable Release


A stable release (version 0.46) of jGameBase has been released.

Bugs Fixed

  - Size of edit emulator window corrected

  - Emulator script would be called with a doubled path

  - Files with wrong case were not found

  - Some existing files would not be found due to trailing spaces

Second Release Candidate Released


The second release candidate (version 0.45) of jGameBase has been released.

Bugs Fixed

  - Added second import (fallback) method, so that Access databases with inconsistencies can be imported (e.g. GameBase Amiga 1.6)

  - Plugins didn't get loaded when started from jar

  - Fixed NullPointerException with ViewFilters

  - Fixed NullPointerException while selecting game file

  - Additional Extras got created in wrong path

New Features

  - Re-wrote the database toolbox: now you can import Access databases step by step

  - Separated jGameBase and demo databases

  - When no database was found a web browser with the download location of jGameBase databases will be opened

  - jGameBase version management has been simplified

First Release Candidate Released


The first release candidate (version 0.44) of jGameBase has been released.

Bugs Fixed

  - Database hang fixed

New Features

  - The jToolbox is no longer needed

  - File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

  - You can now specify multiple paths for all objects

  - Default paths

  - Support for RAR and 7Zip compressed files.

Third Public Beta Released


The third public beta (version 0.38) of jGameBase has been released.

After a longer time this release has nearly the functionality of GameBase. There are still more bugs, but we are getting close.

Second Public Beta Released


The second public beta (version 0.27) of jGameBase has been released.

This release is approaching the functionality of GameBase, but has way more bugs ;-).

First Public Beta Released


The first public beta (version 0.06) of jGameBase has been released.

Basic functionality is working, but compared to GameBase many things are missing.

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